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Ginger Taffy - Rottweiler Kennel

Ginger a Taffy

The Rottweiler is a breed which I have always liked due to their particular looks and characteristics, while at the same time I have always had a big respect for them. Due to their black, brown and shiny coats, Rottweiler’s have a very distinctive and well recognized compact shape and size. Their deeply dark eyes and husky like head combine to give Rottweilers an almost bewitching quality.

As anyone who knows this breed will tell you, the Rottweiler is a fiercely loyal dog, one who is ready to leap to the defense of its loved ones while at the same time being good natured and well balanced animals who know the difference between friend and foe. In short, Rottweilers are nothing short of the dearest companions and friends to their loved ones and are quite open with demonstrating their affections!

I came to this breed after many years of experience with the cynology of the Norman breed of dogs. The reasons for this switch were quite simple and practical actually; my family wished for a dog that would not just be a dear member of the family but could also be counted upon to protect us at all times. Therefore, based upon the reasons I outlined previously, for our family at least, there was no other choice than the Rottweiler!

Only a short time after buying our first Rottweiler from Slovenia in March of 2009, a female named Honey Taffy Rotti Kingdom, I slowly became acquainted with the world of this breed and I can say without hesitation that my experiences with my darling Taffy have made me realize that the Rottweiler has taken me more and more! I am completely fascinated by their natural intelligence, their ability to listen and of course by the their physical strength and natural beauty!

Since September of 2009 Taffy has had the company of an Austrian beauty named Candy Ginger von Lipizzaner Wappen. Based upon the name of our first Rottweiler, I registered the name Ginger Taffy with the International Breeding Station. As any proud parent, I hope as well one day to experience the joy of being a grandmother, so I am of course hoping to experience the pleasure and joy of seeing both Taffy and Candy becoming mothers!

For the future I wish for the continued health of our two girls, continued success with training, success with dog shows and hopefully with the breeding process! These wishes, however, are for the future but sometimes it is good to dream in the present!

Furthermore, one of my other desires is to finally be able to erase the image of Rottweilers as an inherently aggressive breed of dog that is simply ready to snap at any moment and is a danger to children and everyone else! There are no inherently evil breed of dogs! As with children, dogs are a reflection of their parents and if you raise a dog to be nasty, it will be nasty. If, however, a dog is raised with lots of love and firm discipline, then like a child it will be loving and well behaved. People who claim that Rottweilers, and other breeds, are inherently evil, infuriate me as it is due to ignorance and a lack of understanding of the facts.

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