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Blog 2: My journey from the Alaskan Malamuts to the Rottweilers (RTW)

Next to the Rottweiler, the Alaskan Malamut will always be the best breed of dog for me. There are several reasons for this including their beautiful fur and beautiful facial structure. In addition, I love their liberal minded character and the fact that they do not bark, but instead howl!

If however an individual desires to use the Alaskan Malamut as a house guard for example, it will not work and may in fact damage the dog’s natural character. Alaskan Malamuts are sweet and gentle, they generally love people and are not meant to be house guards or people protectors. There are rare instances where an Alaskan Malamut can be naturally aggressive and useful as a guard dog, but this is the exception rather than the rule. In general though, their size alone will be enough to keep most people at bay and gain the respect of any strangers and keep them out of the yard, especially when they encounter 3 of them!

When my husband and I began discussing what type of dog we should get in order to protect our large garden and home he immediately suggested the Rottweiler. He had spoken to me on several occasions about his friend who has a beautiful female Rottweiler and how wonderful the breed was and how satisfied with the dog his friend was! I had nothing against it as I had always liked Rottweilers and they naturally foster feelings of respect in most people who encounter them. But I had never really considered the possibility that I would one day adopt one, especially since I had grown up with only Alaskan Malamuts! We spent a considerable amount of time discussing and debating if we should make the switch to the Rottweiler and the debate centered largely around the fact that we really did not know too much about the breed, which can be a major challenge. I must admit that generally speaking, I do not have dog training experience and I really hope that my friends from the world of breeding and other professionals will help me so that I might be able to avid the fundamental mistakes that beginners tend to make.

When we finally made the decision to switch over to the Rottweiler, I right away began to look forward to taking delivery of the newest addition to our little family! I began of course to surf a lot of web sites, read various articles about training, basically anything and everything about the Rottweiler breed! And because I am a dog breeder I will admit to going just a little crazy when I began the search for a top quality Czech breeding station RTW. It was very clear in my mind from the very beginning that I wanted a top quality dog so that I could travel with him/her to dog shows and also establish my own breeding station in the future. I am aware of course that no matter how careful one is with respect to research and even with the best parents who have the best qualification results and negative dysplasia, anything can still happen and the dog could still have various problems. Such things, sadly, are very difficult to predict. However, a good exterior, good shape and character do not really influence which breeding station should be chosen; in the Czech Republic as a matter of fact, there are a number of breeding stations which are advertised and it took me a long time of research before I finally managed to read through all of the information.

After a considerable amount of time I managed to narrow my choices down to 5 RTW breeding stations for serious consideration. I even took the extra step of emailing what is considered by many to be the best breeding station in the Czech Republic, but I did not receive a reply. I then contacted them by phone but it became immediately clear to me while I was speaking with them that I would not be buying any dog from such individuals!

Finally, I managed to come into contact with someone named Mrs. Dagmar Mikevska who is the owner of the Bohemia Colbri breeding station. We hit it off and became friends and she shared a lot of valuable information with me from the Czech RTW world. I really wanted to get a puppy from the litter of her female dog Atlantida Rotti Kingdom, however she did not get puppies as planned, so Dagmar made an agreement for me to get a puppy from the owner from which they bought Atlantida who was located in the Slovenian breeding station of Rotti Kingdom. I am of course very grateful to Dagmar and I really hope that in the future my family might be blessed enough to get one more puppy from Atinka!

The wait for Taffy was long and just like a child waiting for Christmas it made it seem even longer because I was so much looking forward to getting Taffy! I knew from the beginning that we wanted to get a female dog as the conventional wisdom is that you are more easily able to take control of and train them and they are perhaps better suited for families with children.

I was very afraid that no female puppies would be born but everything ended happily when on January 18, 2009 Claruscha vom Hause Edelstein gave birth to 3 female puppies and 4 male ones. After 2 months, which seemed like 2 years, we brought our little ducky Taffy back to our home!


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