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Blog 3: Our Journey to Slovenia and Back

I cannot even begin to describe how much I have been looking forward to getting Taffy!!! On a daily basis I have been viewing her pictures and I look forward at the same time to receiving new ones!

On March 15th my husband and I finally began our journey to get Taffy in Slovenia! The journey was absolutely wonderful with an incredibly beautiful drive through Austria and on through lovely and picturesque Slovenia, a country which I admit one can have a very distorted picture of these days! Slovenia is a lovely little country really; on normal sides of highways and roads, as well as in ditches, the surfaces were covered in various lovely flowers like snowdrops, crocus that one normally finds growing only in private gardens in the Czech Republic. During our trip through Slovenia I never stopped being amazed at sheer simple beauty of the place and how closely the people actually live with nature. I do not meant to imply that the local population lives like peasants, after all, Slovenia is actually more prosperous than the Czech Republic. The houses were very elegant and were built in such a way as to blend into the hilly landscape. They were surrounded by vineyards, fields and meadows filled with cattle.

The night we stayed in Slovenia we spent at a beautiful local spa not far away from Zuzemberk. Very early the next morning we started the final leg of our journey, it was finally time to meet and take home our much anticipated and already loved dear little lady Taffy! The visit to the breeding station went very well, everyone was very friendly and joyful! After many months of exchanging emails we all felt like we knew each other in a sense and we had all been looking forward to meeting each other, and besides, we knew that Taffy was almost ours!!! Sadly, the journey home was not as joyful. Taffy became very car sick and in addition, from Vienna onwards we encountered heavy rain which greatly slowed our progress and made the conditions even more unpleasant.

Despite these challenges, we arrived back home safely! On Sunday, March 15th 2009 a new phase of our lives commenced, to put it mildly! It is my considered opinion that if mankind loves his or her family then a dog will become a member of that family from the first moment of its arrival!


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