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Blog 4: Taffy and Her First Training Days

On Saturday September 13, 2009 Taffy started on the training course in Říčany-Strašín. I originally wanted to start with the training before the summer holiday, however, I completely forgot that they do not do training during the summer break. So I had to leave it until September. This was not such a disaster though as I am training her everyday at home and in September she will only be 8 months old.

The first class, not surprisingly, was very chaotic as a large amount of people came with dogs of various ages and breeds. After everyone was registered and had paid their entrance fee the trainers divided us into groups according to the age and size of the dogs. In our group, sadly, there were no Rottweilers, but instead German and Belgian Shepherds, Irish Setters and even big Schnauzers! From the moment Taffy was out of the car she was overcome with nervous energy and excitement and did not wish to settle down and as the rest of the session would show, she was not in the mood to calm down! I headed into the training session with confidence that I would be showing a very well trained and obedient dog, but the reality was very different! Taffy was constantly pushing me away and straining to get closer to the other dogs. I think this was her first day in heat which had a negative impact upon her discipline. I must say, however, that Taffy was not alone in her restless behavior! There were several other dogs who were equally as excitable and uncontrollable almost as Taffy was! There were also some dogs who were actually shy and the fact that this was a training session made no difference as it was as if it was a big school to them!

As soon as possible we started to train and Taffy immediately began to calm down. We began to train with fetching which we had been practicing at home and on our private walks without any difficulties. With the presence of so many other dogs I was afraid that Taffy would not be interested and in fact might be too distracted to concentrate. Fortunately, I was wrong and she obeyed very nicely, even if she first had to run and sniff around her new friends first! It did not take her long though to reconsider the sniffs and come running back to me. After a couple of hours of training there was a clear improvement in the performances of the dogs.

In addition to the fetching we began a very classical program consisting of walking next to the feet, sitting next to the feet, running over foot, etc. Although the training was very good I cannot say excellent because of the fact that in my opinion the judging was not the very best as every training session was lead by a different instructor who did not know what had been done in previous training lessons. So every 3 lessons each instructor explained which lead and collar we should have, etc. Thus it became like a broken record with the same topics covered again and again. To make matters worse, in one instance an instructor stated the direct opposite of what the previous one had told us in the previous lesson! It was with respect to how one should tighten a collar or remove it. This did not make a favorable impression obviously and everyone began speaking to each other about it during breaks in the show. Besides the basic training course which I attended twice (sadly, I did not have time for more) I attended the lesson of instructor Vlastimil Kniha. It was only later that I found out that he is a very famous person in our region, particularly with how good he is with dogs. I had no knowledge of this notoriety while I was attending his two lessons and I only got to his course by a stroke of good luck as he was recommended to me by a man on the training ground. After attending these classes, I can safely attest to the fact that Vlastimil is very good indeed! The 1st lesson consisted of teaching Taffy defense; we both liked it very much and Taffy was excellently roused and did exactly what was wanted from her! Vlastimil praised her a lot but it generally takes about 2 months in order to see if this was effective or not and if she had managed to learn what she had been praised for. We have to be very careful in defense training with these young dogs because of the teeth and spinal column, etc. Our 1st meeting was at the track and I was very curious as to how the session would go on the track as I really have no experience with it. Vlastimil explained everything very clearly and he had a gift for illustrating what he was saying by using examples from his own life! It is very interesting how in some people very sharp words do not cause vulgar or unsuitable reactions. Of course, it really depends on the style of the demonstration, charisma of the person and on the subject and complete context of the communication. But I will quickly move into a different area and I will leave it for now as it is and come quickly back to cynology!

With the defense training we will start regularly next month at the tracks. I should be training with Taffy a bit more at home. But I must admit that the demands of work and family combine to make it such that I do not fully meet the requirements, so I must improve!


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