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Blog 5: Our Journey to Pick up Ginger and Her Start With Our Family

On Monday September the 28th 2009, a bank holiday in the Czech Republic, we began our drive in the direction of Vienna. Early on when my husband asked me where we were going to pick up the newest addition to out family, I answered him reassuringly that it would only be a short distance from Vienna. Well, lets just say I was under estimating slightly....We actually nearly ended up in Hungary, almost right up to the border! The weather was unexpectedly beautiful, the result of the Indian Summer, which allowed us to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Austrian country side, the beautiful landscape of the vinyards, picturesque Austrian farms and wine cellars full of Styma; with so much to occupy us, the time simply flew by!

We arrived promptly at noon to pick up our little Ginger. We quickly completed all of the formalities and began our journey home where Taffy and a pile of temporarily neglegted duties were awaiting us! I must admit that after the disastrous 1st car experience for Taffy and the lingering phobia she suffers from to this day (when Taffy finds out we are going somewhere with the car, she immediately starts to shake and I can only dream of her jumping into the boot by herself!), I was very nervous as to how Ginger’s 1st experience would turn out. Ginger looked very well at the beginning of the journey, she laid down next to so that she could smell my body and I could scratch her. Much to my surprise and happiness we managed to make it all the way home with out stopping for any peeing breaks and without any car sickness!

We were also concerned of course, and thinking about, how the first meeting with Taffy would go, but at least from Gin’s side we had no worries about any kind of temper tantrum! While Taffy is easy going and does not like conflict or confrontation I could not, of course, be 100% sure that she would not treat Ginger as an intruder into her territory. But very happily all of my concerns were proven unnecessary as Taffy was very happy to meet her beautiful new little sister Gin! In fact, she was nearly crazy with excitement! It quickly became apparent that our main concern was going to be that Taffy did not accidentally injur Ginger because of playfull excitement!

The next “problem” to solve was that of feeding. I do not want to start putting them in the pens yet as Gin is too small for it and she would get cold during the frigid Czech winter (or perhaps it is my only real excuse for having my “girls” in the house!) and of course a mother cannot play favorites so if Ginger is allowed in the house then Taffy must be allowed as well and cannot be simply pushed into her pen! :-) And so it was very important to quickly find another solution as to how the two could eat in a peaceful manner so that Taffy did not push Gin away from her food and eat it all! As to be expected, from Ginger’s first arrival Taffy became very jealous of the time I spent with Gin, over her toys, food, etc. This stage is not at all unusual and it can be avoided with a little firm guidance and maybe even a little fight or two! :-) And so during feeding times I close Ginger into the show cage. Thank you Dagmar for your good advice to me to buy it as I really have a huge use for it now, not only for feeding purposes but also for training them! As soon as our little canine girls go to their pens they each get their privacy and hopefully that will make things easier and easier. In the mean time, I hope we manage to go through the winter with Ginger learning not to pee in the house and that she will continue to grow and develop into a most handy young lady! :-)


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