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Blog 1: My first dogs were Alaskan Malamuts

Most people find it rather difficult to describe themselves, for various reasons. However, describing interests and hobbies is far easier; everyone knows what he or she is, or is not, interested in.

In this regard, I am no different! I find it incredibly difficult to write about and describe my good qualities and skills and I really feel embarrassed to even do such a thing. The same goes of course for my bad qualities, but maybe that has more to do with the fact that I am afraid there will be more of those than the good ones! :-) However, the one thing I have known about myself for as long as I can remember is that I am definitely a dog breeder and I truly love it with all of my heart!

The first dog I ever had in my life was given to me on my 15th birthday by my parents after many years of trying to persuade them. I originally only wanted a big dog, more specifically, a Husky dog. But after years of trying to talk my parents into it I got a little desperate and was even willing to consider a tiny poodle dog, so badly did I want ANY kind of dog!!! When my father finally realized that my dream was not simply a fleeting one and that I was determined to have a dog, he uttered his most memorable sentence: “If we are getting a dog, then we are going to get a proper one!” And so it came to pass that the newest addition to our family was an Alaskan Malamut! It was a black female dog named Denny, a truly amazing creature, which quickly became a member of our family! Sadly, the dog breeder had committed a lot of mistakes. The Alaskan Malamut breed is naturally gregarious with good instincts, intuition and love for people. In order to harness all of this energy and these instincts, however, they need a firm guiding hand but in this instance Denny had come to absorb some of the lack of discipline found in this kennel and she had become much too used to that freedom and unfettered energy.

Tragically, Denny died just before she was due to give birth to her first puppies. Something had started to develop incorrectly with her puppies and the vet had to remove them. However, the infection in her body had spread beyond which meant that the surgery was not successful in the end. Or sadness, indeed sorrow, at the loss of Denny was indescribable! It was from that experience that I realized that most people end up loving their dogs as much as so called “real” members of their families because they become much more then just dogs in a way!

After Denny passed away, our father was grief stricken and it became clear that if we left him without a dog to care for, as my sister and I had already moved away to study at Universities in different cities by that point, he would be haunted by the loss of Denny forever! It was during this difficult time that I happened upon an advertisement for Alaskan Malamut puppies in the Autumn of 1997. Shortly thereafter we welcomed another female, Easy Win Shamanrock into our family. Easy is grey-white and from the very beginning it was clear that she was the queen and our home was her kingdom! After we had managed to get her bow on, our father came home from work and we released her to him, she promptly began brazenly marching about, her tail guiding her like a rudder on a ship; in total serenity she went over to her food and began eating, as if she felt totally at home and had been a member of the family for years! At that time we lived in a block of flats and Easy quickly became everyone’s teddy bear! She loved to cuddle and we loved to cuddle her!

After 6 months, we made another addition to our family, once again choosing an Alaskan Malamut, but this time it was a black male named Athos Dream Snowy Queen. Athos is a truly beautiful dog, a typical Alaskan Malamut with excellent body structure and a sweet personality. In fact, during 2 dog shows he received the CAJC distinction. Sadly, however, he began behaving poorly during shows and especially with referees. This was due mainly to his timid nature and somewhat mysterious behavior. This behavior was evident from the first time we managed to get him home. We noticed that whenever we put a newspaper into our hands he would tuck his tail between his legs and run away! It became clear to us, sadly, that his original owners where the puppies were born must have been very nasty and beaten the dogs with newspapers, etc. It is so sad when a man ruins a dog like that from very birth with such hideously abusive behavior and it is equally interesting and disturbing how the effects of such abuse last for the rest of the life of the dog. Athos is our darling but I did not force him to go on shows as he just did not like them, even though he is stunning and had championship possibilities. But with his erratic and sometimes aggressive behavior it became clear that it was just not possible. People make snap judgements when they encounter an aggressive dog and it would have been too awkward to try and explain that his behavior was totally different at home around individuals he knew and trusted.

In addition to Easy and Athos my parents added a third, and so far final, Alaskan Malamut! His name is Lucky and he is the biggest of them all, but extremely cute and cuddly! So in the end our parents now have 3 Alaskan Malamuts. My sister and I are no longer living at home of course, quite a ways away from them actually. And so I am personally very grateful to them for how they look after them and manage their care. These dogs are now 3 additional children to my parents and give them comfort since we have moved out and started our own lives as adults!


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